About Us

Bentsen Homes Development Consultants is your one-stop source for professional assistance in developing non-market and market housing. Together with our partners, we assist in developing subsidized and non-subsidized rental housing for all marginalized groups.

We also assist in the development of affordable home ownership, shelters, transitional housing, life lease and on- and off-reserve aboriginal housing. We act as a liaison between the non-profit society and funders, project partners and key members of the development team, such as developers, architects, engineers, sub-trades and suppliers.

We assist in finding pre-development funding to look at the feasibility of your project through government agencies such as CHMC and BC Housing. In working with your non-profit society, we develop capital cost and operational budgets, investigate construction financing through the public and private markets, and look for private-public partnership opportunities. We assist your group at the local, provincial and federal political levels to access funding programs, subsidies and competitive loan rates.