Headquartered in Kelowna British Columbia, our company is a provincially-recognized, innovative development consulting firm specializing in creating affordable housing in a market environment. Listed below are some of our recently-completed projects. You must be logged in with a valid account to access project pages and files!

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), provides a suite of standards for environmentally sustainable construction.

Kickwillie Place

Kickwillie Place - Completed Oct/2009

Vernon Native Housing Society - "Kickwillie Place" - 4305 19th Avenue, Vernon, BC
The Vernon Native Housing Society through the Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AMHA) will provide 40 units of affordable housing, comprising 26 apartment units and 14 townhouse units for Vernon families at risk of homelessness. The project includes a daycare for 21 children with interior and exterior play areas. Along with AHMA providing the funding the City of Vernon provided the land with a 60-year lease.

Tutt Street (NOW Canada) Development Project

Tutt Street Place - Completed Jul/2010

Now Canada - "Tutt Street Place" - 2970 Tutt Street, Kelowna, BC
Tutt Street Place will be operated by the NOW Canada Society and will offer a home, not just a place to live. This LEED Gold building will provide 39 larger family-type units of affordable, supportive living for women, with or without children, who have a proven financial need. These one, two and three bedroom apartments will offer a stable drug- and alcohol-free environment for single women and a secure home for moms with children. Affordable housing, in conjunction with support services, sets people up for success; therefore, an important feature of this project is the relocation of NOW’s offices onto the site.

Willowbridge Development Project

Willowbridge - Completed July 16 2010

CMHA Kelowna – “Willowbridge” – 330 Boyce Crescent, Kelowna
The Canadian Mental Health Association (Kelowna Branch) will operate a LEED Gold sustainable supportive housing project providing 40 units for people on limited incomes who are experiencing barriers in finding housing. The City of Kelowna has leased the land on the corner of Boyce Crescent and Pandosy Avenue to the province of BC for 60 years. The funds to construct the building are being provided by BC Housing; CHMA Kelowna has been selected to oversee the building and manage the ongoing program.

Penticton Kiwanis Development Project

Penticton Kiwanis - Completed Mar/2011

Penticton Kiwanis Housing Society – 150 Van Horne Street, Penticton
The Penticton Kiwanis Housing Society will provide 58 units of seniors independent housing on their land located at 150 Van Horne Street, Penticton. The project has been on the drawing table for several years and became a reality when the society provided the land and cash equity and BC Housing through their Seniors Rental Program decided via the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation to purchase 22 of the units. In addition BC Housing provided the financing for the remainder of the project.

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