Development Consultant
As your development consultant we will provide the following services:

Project Management Skills
These include superior organizational skills; the ability to create and maintain a project schedule; effective time management; project tracking systems which include monitoring budgets, claims and invoices; keeping all parties informed on issues that arise; effective communication systems to disseminate information; attention to detail; and the ability to multi-task.

Technical Skills
These include the knowledge and skill to craft a comprehensive business plan which includes, but is not limited to, capital cost and operational cost budgets; determining and understanding all costs in project development; the ability to handle financial draws and payments throughout the development stage; and understanding the accounting principles and construction GST/HST reporting requirements.

This also refers to the overall concept and understanding of the building process and sequence of events that includes, but is not limited to, construction methods, best practices, new building techniques and standards, ability to read and understand architectural and working drawings, coordinating the work of different contractors, knowledge of the BC Building Code and Municipal Bylaws, recognizing deficiencies in construction, ensuring quality standards and specifications are met, and understanding and development of construction contracts (CCDC 2 Standard Stipulated Construction Contract).

Another important ability is the general understanding and ability to interpret legal documents such as mortgages and leases and the ability to convey them and their implications to the housing society; the knowledge and understanding of the various municipal permit and application requirements and process; the understanding of zoning/rezoning processes and procedures with the applicable bylaws; the knowledge of and familiarity with community concepts and schemes; the understanding of BC Housing and CHMC funding programs and their reporting requirements; and the knowledge to prepare and submit funding applications.

Bentsen Homes Development Consultants will assist in determining current market and land values in handling land acquisitions, trends and the local demographic landscape.

Negotiations Skills
Bentsen Homes Development Consultants will act in the best interests of the society in negotiating and monitoring contracts between the housing society, funders, project partners and key members of the development team, such as the developer, architects, engineers, and contract trades.

We will assist and work directly with the society in the negotiations involving the operating and operator agreements with the funders and various supportive service partners as well as the financial institutions.
Bentsen Homes Development Consultants has the knowledge and experience in dealing with bureaucratic red tape and the understanding of the current political climate, policy and will.

Communication Skills
Bentsen Homes Development Consultants work effectively in a team environment handling public meetings, consultation and possible community resistance. We will develop a reporting protocol between the society and all the participants/partners, as well as informing the society of its obligations and requirements throughout the various stages of the development process.